Orange Store has been upgraded

Orange Store is a web service for our customers for managing all the marketing related projects at Orange. It features new and upgraded online briefing and material proofing tools that make working with us even more seamless than before. Briefing new projects, reviewing all materials in any format and approve or request changes by pinpointing your comments with just a few clicks. The online reviewing tool supports a variety of media formats such as audio, video, PDF, image, webpage and other HTML content etc.

Briefing form

Simple and easily customized for your company needs.

Online material reviewing

he reviewing and approval process can be set up material specifically. The reviewing tool supports all typical media formats: audio, video, PDF, image, webpage and other HTML content etc.

Complete project archive

Ensure continuity during personnel changes.

Audit trail

Every single element and critical phase transparently documented.

Operating process

Orange Store makes it possible to carry out projects seamlessly between you and Orange.

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  • 2

    Orange creates 
    a new project

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  • 4

    reviewing and 
    commenting of designs

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    and approval of material proofs

  • 7

    Delivery of produced materials


Briefing form

Orange Store is a web service for your company to manage all the marketing communication projects from brief to material approval, providing the view to all your comapny projects and marketing materials at Orange Advertising.

Material reviewing and approval

Orange Store comprises the tools for reviewing the created materials up until to the final approval. The reviewing process is customizable material specifically, meaning, who is allowed to comment the material and in which order, who makes the final call on which change requests will be implemented and as well the final approval.


Video material reviewing takes place on timeline. Video content can be reviewed ultimately frame by frame by pinpointing a comment at any spot of the frame at any point of the timeline.


Audio material reviewing takes place on timeline. Comments can be placed at any point or area on the audio timeline.

PDF document and image file formats

Naturally, all the static documents such as PDF and image files can be reviewed and commented easily.

HTML content / webpages

A webpage or other HTML content can be reviewed and commented as any static material such as PDF document, furthermore the view mode can be set to emulate different devices. Feature coming soon.

Version comparison

Comparison between the versions is easy as the material versions can be set side by side on the screen. If the document dimensions between the versions are exactly the same, the Smart compare feature can be used, it calculates the differences and highlights them with green color.


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For more information on Orange Store you may always talk to your own contact person at Orange. Partially funded by Business Finland.

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